Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Report: Andrew Bynum won't show Sixers any loyalty in free agency

As if Sixer fans needed another reason to dislike highly-paid hair model Andrew Bynum, a report has surfaced that says he plans to show no loyalty to the team that just paid him $16 million for literally nothing.

From The Inquirer's John Mitchell:

"A team source with knowledge of the situation said last week that he does not believe that Bynum will give the Sixers any special consideration in light of all that they lost in trading for him and the agonizing wait for him to return."

Great. So even if the 76ers wanted Bynum back, which they shouldn't, he more than likely wouldn't want to return, at least not for anything short of top dollar. 

What the Sixers should do is thank Andrew for his "services," and tell him to hit the road, without breaking him off so much as another cent.

Forget Bynum, look toward the lottery, and focus on free agency. This recent report is just further indication that the two sides are headed for a split; the sooner the better.