Thursday, July 30, 2015

Despite injury issues, Joel Embiid was the right pick for the 76ers

Despite his extremely uncertain future with the Sixers, and in the NBA at large, Joel Embiid was still the correction selection for the Sixers in that highly-hyped 2014 Draft.

If the team had passed on some high-level perimeter production in the form of Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker, then that would not be the case. However, as the draft shook out, only three players looked to have the making of a surefire superstar, and out those three, Embiid was touted by most who observed him as a generational talent; a guy that could single-handedly transform a franchise.

Joel Embiid has been quiet lately

After his selection by the Sixers last summer, Joel Embiid found a way to entertain the Philadelphia faithful without even stepping foot out onto a basketball court: Twitter.

Embiid's Twitter antics quickly became infamous - from courting Rihanna, to recruiting LeBron James, to championing the hashtag #WeAllFromAfrica, Embiid used the social media tool to provide the fans with a big glimpse into his personality.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

San Antonio has become a free agent destination

Lamarcus Aldridge's decision to sign with the Spurs signified the extension of their title window. But it also signified something else. After 5 championships and an unprecedented extended streak of success that has stretched almost two decades, San Antonio has finally become a free- agent destination of interest. 

David West's decision to pass up on guaranteed Pacers money to play on the cheap for Popovich and San Antonio further solidifies that fact.
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By and large, the Spurs success as a franchise has come through the draft. From David Robinson to Tim Duncan to Manu to Tony Parker to Kawhi Leonard; the team's top talent, and central figures have been brought up through the organization. And it has worked. While other teams spend the summers wheeling and dealing to add talent through free agency in hopes of contention, the Spurs have largely stood pat. Sure they've adding some key cogs and rotational pieces along the way, but they have stayed out of the superstar market. Until this summer.

The addition of Lamarcus Aldridge, who had plenty of other solid suitors in locations that receive slightly more attention nationally than San Antonio, shows that the organizational success may finally be turning the Spurs into an organization of interest among high-caliber free agents.

The pairing of Aldridge and 2014 Finals MVP Kawhi Lenonard provides the Spurs with a (somewhat - Lamarcus is 30) youthful core to pair with their aging set of stars, and extends their current championship window several more seasons, pushing the window well into its third decade.

The free agent attention doesn't mean the Spurs have strayed from their principles however. Their 2014 first-round draft selection Kyle Anderson was just named MVP of the Las Vegas Summer League. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Jahlil Okafor has huge hands

If hand-size directly correlated to on-court success, the Sixers would be set. Okafor's mitts are massive:

Friday, July 24, 2015

Space Jam 2 is happening

Well, probably.

Warner Bros. filed new trademarks for 'Space Jam' and then inked a deal with LeBron James shortly thereafter, leading to rampant speculation that 'The King' would be following in M.J.'s footsteps in the Space Jam series.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Allen Iverson highlights

In honor of Allen Iverson being presented with the 2015 Game Changer Award* at the first ever NBA Players award show, here is an excellent reel of Iverson's glorious career highlights:

*But really, you don't need an excuse to watch A.I. highlights.

The Clippers re-tooled this summer; will it be enough?

After a disappointing early exit in the Playoffs at the hands of the Houston Rockets, the Clippers wasted little time in re-tooling this summer, adding some new pieces to help support Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, who have largely carried the franchise over the past several seasons.