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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tony Wroten wants the 76ers to wear some throwback jerseys

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With two NBA titles to their name since they moved to Philadelphia and multiple other Finals appearances, the Sixers have history. In the face of what is set to be another struggle of a season for the Sixers, third-year guard Tony Wroten wants to re-live some of that history in the form of throwback uniforms. 
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In an Instragram post earlier this week, Wroten posted a collage of photos of Philadelphia icon Allen Iverson wearing various Sixers uniforms. Under the post, Wroten wrote:

Man, we need to start wearing some Sixers throwbacks next year. We have [some] cold ones. #Sixers_Throwbacks #Allen_Iverson #Many_More

The Sixers’ uniform as currently constructed was adopted in 2008, shortly after the original departure of Iverson. The team’s previous uniform, which is the one Wroten references in the post, debuted in 1998 and featured a modern-looking logo that incorporated a star and a basketball. This jersey-style became synonymous with Iverson, and is thus a fan favorite.

Throwback jerseys are a good way to pay homage to history. The Sixers actual on-court product may leave a bit to be desired from the fan base this season, but their uniforms don’t have to. In addition to a uniform from the ‘Allen Iverson era’, the uniform with the cascading stars from the Charles Barkley/Shawn Bradley era is another one the team should bring back. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ready for NBA 2K15

I grew up as an avid basketball fan and video game player. Natuarally, my favorite games were always basketball-related, although I dabbled in quite a few other types of games. I would play basically any sports game, first-person shooter, or cartoonist adventure game (what's up, Crash).

The restriction of my time as I got older coupled with the ever-increasing price of consoles and games limited the number of games I would play/buy. Through thick and thin however, the NBA 2K series, which debuted back in the early 2000s' and was first big on Dreamcast (that system was underrated) has remained my favorite. Its' control, graphics, game-play, and realism set it apart, and along with the Call of Duty series, it remains the only game I play consistently.

With that being said, a new NBA season is right around the corner, and with so much offseason action as far as players changing teams and new rookies being signed, the video game playing-basketball fan in me is ready for the newest rendition of the 2K series, NBA 2K15.

The game drops on October 7th, and in the meantime, I'm continuing to play 2K14 online, trying to stay sharp for the new release. Think the Warriors will be my go-to team this year.

2K collection 

Steph Curry/John Legend 2K player of the game mix

Beating an opponent online in NBA 2K is a great feeling, trumped only when you put on an impressive performance with Steph Curry that is recapped over a fittingly low, smooth John Legend track. 

Check out the mix below (Don't mind the poor video quality, it is still more difficult than it should be to get data from Playstation-to-computer): 


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Joel Embiid to Michael Carter-Williams: "I'm not taking showers with you anymore"

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Joel Embiid is entertaining. In the months since his selection by the Sixers, Embiid has turned into a popular internet personality, due to the hilarity, and frequency of his Tweets.

From courting Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, to LeBron James, to pioneering his #weallfromAfrica trend, or his friendly reminders that *girls* aren't loyal, Embiid has not been social media shy.

Recently, Embiid got engaged in a Twitter conversation with his teammate, and reining Rookie of the Year, Michael Carter-Williams. The seven-foot center had some, um, interesting news for his point guard.
In response to a Tweet from MC-W that said "In time they will see.. I don't talk, I bring the action," Embiid informed Carter-Williams that he would no longer be taking showers with him.

I guess Embiid doesn't want any of that action, just hope it doesn't negatively affect team togetherness. #togetherwebuild

Sacremento Kings to retire Peja Stojakovic's number

With all the great players that graced NBA courts throughout the late '90's and early 2000's, Peja Stojakovic is one name that often gets overlooked, but damn did Peja produce in his prime. He is Sacremento's second leading scorer all-time, behind only the recently hall-of-fame enshrined Mitch Richmond, and he finished fourth in MVP voting in 2004.

Stojakovic was a central piece to the consistently contending (and exciting) Kings teams of the early 2000's, and along with Chris Webber and Mike Bibby, Peja helped transform Sacremento into one of the NBA's top teams for a time.

Image from
Fittingly, the Kings have decided to retire Stojakovic's historic number 16 this season, making his the 11th jersey retired by the franchise. The others?:

1 – Tiny Archibald
2 – Mitch Richmond
4 – Chris Webber                               
6 – The fans
11 – Bob Davies
12 – Maurice Stokes
14 – Oscar Robertson
21 – Vlade Divac
27 – Jack Twyman
44 – Sam Lacey

From the Kings: 

"The Sacramento Kings announced today that the #16 jersey of three-time NBA All-Star and NBA Champion Peja Stojakovic will be retired on December 16, when the Kings host the Oklahoma City Thunder at Sleep Train Arena. During his eight seasons in Sacramento, the fan-favorite small forward played more games for the Kings than any player during the Sacramento era and had an immeasurable impact on the community both on and off the court.

“Peja Stojakovic was instrumental in putting Sacramento on the map on a global scale,” said Kings Owner Vivek Ranadiv√©. “As one of only a select group of Serbian players in the NBA, Peja helped carve out a place for basketball players from all over the world. Recognizing his leadership will be a special moment for fans and the entire Kings organization, as well as a great reminder of the kind of success we are building in Sacramento.”

The jersey retirement is a nice gesture for Stojakovic, who had one of the quickest, and deadliest releases in the league, and was a deadly weapon in early versions of NBA 2K. Congrats, Peja. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

NBA jersey gold champion tag preview

The 76ers, and every other team that has won an NBA title, will be getting a jersey addition at the start of the season.

Title-takers will get a gold tab on the back of their jerseys signifying past championship accomplishments. The tabs feature a small image of the Larry O'Brien trophy followed by the number of times a team has won the title.

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Image via the 76ers. 

The above image is what the 76ers' jersey tab will look like, with the 3x representing championships won in 1955, 1967, and 1983. The franchise was located in Syracuse in 1955, and was known as the Nationals. So the Sixers, as currently named, have only taken home two titles.

These patches make an interesting addition to NBA uniformage, as they serve as kind of a cool historical tie-in. They're definitely better than the inevitable ads that will soon be taking up NBA uniform space.  Enjoy add-free jerseys. with gold championship tags, while they last.

Kevin Durant pays tribute to Allen Iverson

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Even in retirement, Allen Iverson’s influence lives on.

Iverson, an 11-time all-star, was one of basketball’s most influential players, both on and off the court, as his style and attitude made him an endearing enigma.

Many of the game’s greatest, past and present, have acknowledged Iverson’s import and impact both on them individually, and on the game as a whole. Oklahoma City superstar Kevin Durant is the latest to join the list in paying homage to the man known simply as ‘The Answer.’

Kevin Durant (left) and Allen Iverson (Image from Kevin Durant´s Instagram account).
Image from Kevin Durant's Instagram account
Chuck too real,” Durant wrote in an Instagram post below a photo of himself and Iverson. (Chuck refers to Iverson’s nickname of ‘Bubba Chuck’).

He changed the way we ball. He changed the culture of ball. He is pound for pound the best. He paved the way. I can go on and on. But he’s a legend and I’m just walking the path he created.”
High praise from a man many consider to be the second best basketball player on the planet, but such is the level of respect for A.I., whose style has been incorporated into the games of many of today’s top talents, including Durant.

A plethora of other players have expressed similar sentiments about Iverson’s influence over the years, and he continues to be remembered for what he brought to the court. The mark he made on the game and its surrounding culture stands strong even in retirement.