Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Andrew Bynum undergoes season-ending knee surgery

The other evening the 76ers announced season-ending knee surgery for center Andrew Bynum.

This is kind of comical because I didn't even know the season started for the big guy.

No but seriously, the whole Bynum situation, though it began with good intentions, has been a disaster, and the Sixers should seriously cut ties with the seven footer.

Even his high school coach didn't have anything positive to say about Bynum, and when ever does a high school coach not heap praise on, and take some credit for, a professional protégée?

All signs, including the ones delivered directly from Bynum, indicate that the Sixers should go in a different direction for the future, and I hope that the knee surgery isn’t a sign of something else.

The Sixers gave up a lot to get Bynum, and letting him walk without playing as much as a single second in a Sixers uniform would be hard to swallow for Sixers’ ownership, but it just seems smart for the future of the franchise.

If you can’t get enough to read about Bynum, check out this excellent article from the Inquirer’s Phil Sheridan on how a deal meant to make the Sixers major players actually had the opposite effect.

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