Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Report: Andrew Bynum likely won't be back with 76ers; hallelujah

A recent report that Andrew Bynum likely won’t return to the 76ers’ sideline next season is the best news I have heard out of the Sixers organization all summer. 

While most fans with any sense were hoping that the Sixers didn’t sink a steep salary on the Bynum ship, the organization has remained mum on the issue, causing me to fear for the worst. 

What if, in order to try to justify last summer’s blockbuster bust, the team continued to back Bynum, and wait for him to suddenly feel motivated to play basketball in Philadelphia?” I kept thinking to myself, fearing that a hefty contract for an often-injured big guy could handcuff the organization for several seasons.

While the manner with which the organization has interacted with fans and media members since the hiring of Sam Hinkie is almost embarrassing, the willingness to let Bynum walk gives me at least a little faith in the currently constructed brain trust that they;

A. Can admit to a mistake, cut their losses and move on. 

The Sixers lost a shit-ton (for lack of a better word) in the Bynum blockbuster last summer. Iguodala is an all-star caliber talent, and will be a crucial piece to any team he is on. Moe Harkless may develop into an all-star as well, and Nik Vucevic is already budding into a beast on the boards. 

Yes, this is a lot to lose, but no amount of money given to Bynum this summer could rectify all that was lost, so there was is no reason to try to. Instead of trying to mollify the move and keep Bynum around to maybe provide some production, completely cutting ties and starting fresh is ideal. 

B. Make some sound basketball decisions.

Even with a completely healthy Bynum next season (if such a thing even exists, or ever did), the Sixers aren’t a serious threat to anything. Building around Bynum is not the way to go, and the fact that the team realizes this and is willing to move on is a good sign. 

While the Sixers may very well stink again next season, it will be nice that the most clamored after updates from the team have to do with the hardwood, rather than a hairdo (hopefully).

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