Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Andrew Bynum won't win back Philly fans

This past summer the acquisition of Andrew Bynum was met with excitement and enthusiasm, as fans felt they may have just found the future of the franchise.  However, after months of setbacks, bowling injuries, and a seemingly laissez-faire attitude about his return to the court on the part of Bynum himself, that eager anticipation has given way to disappointment and distaste for the player that just a few months ago was going to be the face of the franchise.

Philadelphia fans aren't known for their patience to begin with, and after a hellish sports year like the city just suffered through, any remaining particles of patience are quickly dissipating.  So, while the fan base was at least understanding of the organization's initial plan of not rushing Andrew into action, that understanding has given way to anger as the Sixers struggle and four months into the season, Bynum has yet to log a single second.

In other years the spotlight may not be so squarely centered on Andrew and his ailing knees, but after serious let-down seasons from the Phillies and the Eagles, Philly fans are searching for anything uplifting; such as the sight of a dominant center suiting up for the Sixers.

Bynum riding stationary bike at PCOM
Hell, Philly couldn't even win its own Wing Bowl this year; talk about a tough one.  Thus, with the lack of success this year came the elevated expectations, and increasing frustration forced upon Andrew Bynum.

And boy, has he disappointed. Rather than lifting up the spirits of the Philly faithful and providing a sign of hope, Bynum has instead become yet another piece to lament in a long line of Philadelphia franchise failures this year.

See, arguably Andrew's biggest issue since he has been in Philly is the perception of toughness, or lack thereof, that he has portrayed.  Just as Philadelphia fans aren't known for their patience, which Andrew is already trying, they are equally as known for valuing toughness.  One reason that Allen Iverson will always be revered in Philadelphia is because the fans appreciated the level of intensity, effort, and toughness which with he played the game.

Although maybe unfairly, fans are already looking at Andrew's continuously delayed return from a knee injury in which he was originally expected to return from months ago, and labeling the center as "soft," or saying he doesn't have the toughness it takes, mentally and physically, to take a team to the title.

So before ever even actually suiting up for the Sixers, Andrew has dug himself a deep hole with Philly fans, who are not known for being especially forgiving. At this point I don't see the fan base fully embracing Bynum for anything short of a championship, and let's be honest, if he can't even get himself out on the court, is he going to be able to lead an otherwise mediocre team to a title? Doubtful, to say the least.

This summer, the Sixers have a decision to make about Bynum; since he has already soured on fans and doesn't seem to be able to get his ass out on the court,  it doesn't seem sensible to keep him around any longer, especially not for the money that he will be seeking. 

If the Sixers could trade Bynum and get some sort of value in return than that is a route that may be worth looking into. However, with the trade deadline coming up quickly such a scenario is doubtful.

Instead, as Phil Sheridan of the Inquirer suggests, it is time for the Sixers to thank Andrew for his "services," and go in a different, healthier, direction. 


  1. So true im just not sure if we should keep and Philly fans will forgive him or he can go wherever his ass feels like going but if we don't keep him Philly fans will not forgive bynum for what he has down to the Sixers this year he should ashamed of himself.

  2. That is the issue, if the team decides to keep him, I don't see him winning fans back over. He could have been beloved in the city had he come out and played and showed that he wanted to be here. At this point however, I think people view him as lazy and as though he doesn't want to be here, which will be difficult to undo. Philly fans value toughness, and loyalty, hence why Iverson will also be so popular here, and I don't see Bynum ever attaining that status.